Rafting In Maine on the Penobscot River


Acadia National Park - White Water Rafting Maine

The Penobscot River offers the most diverse, spectacular and accessible adventure in the state. From a double run of Ripogenus Gorge to a family float on Abol Deadwater, this river can serve up the best in rafting opportunities. The Penobscot is the perfect antidote to your cooped up woes. Escape, rest, rejuvenate, live on the edge...she is your river. Maine rafting delivers guaranteed whitewater FUN from April to mid-October!

The Penobscot River in the Katahdin/Baxter State Park region, is a major waterway with consistent flows ensured by its hydroelectric dam releases. Experience spectacular Maine rafting - wild, scenic, challenging and exhilarating. You will know you are in the wilderness when you raft in Maine!.